day 1

Day one. Functionally this is our first day, yesterday was a write-off. Although it had its excitement, near death experiences on european roads and almost falling asleep at the wheel countless times. That said, we're glad we're alive to experience today, because today is special for us. We have now been maarried (sorry, two a's it must be all the Dutch influence around here) for two years! Holla!
Anyways. Introductions aside. This morning we awoke to the sun cracking through our curtains. Then we went back to sleep. The end.
Truth be told, that's what I (josh) wanted to do, but thanks to my five-years-younger-more-energetic-hot-wife, that didn't happen. We got our rears out of bed and set out to find food and water. Which is tricky when you don't speak the languages (Dutch, French, Spanish, basically anything... And then there's us stupid Canadians... Englais?) but we managed, and came home with bread, some veggies, water, and something we hoped was butter. Next we headed off on a quest to find the metro and get into the heart of this dirty European capital. On our way we saw some rad churches, ate an amazing waffle, and a musical instruments museum which boasts the worlds largest collection of instruments (in one museum I'm assuming?). By this point we were getting wiped, we'd been walking for hours and had sore feet, but we couldn't go home with out seeing the famous pissing baby statue know quite literally as 'Mannekken Pis' which was odd and quite small (both the statue and his...?). Then we had some fries, bought some food and a few Trappist beers and now it's time to blog, make dinner and get ready for Bruges tomorrow. Best anniversary. Married to the best woman. So blessed.