day two

Colin Firth compared the city of Brugges to a bum hole. Which made me like him less... It seems a very negative thing to call an old city that has been dubbed 'The Venice of the North'. Nevertheless, after reading his crass words we began to feel slightly skeptical towards our second destination on our journey through Northern Europe. With undaunted courage we set our faces towards this 'poo hole' and bought our train tickets. Our road experiences on the first day taught us that driving in this continent is frightening and bad for marital health...we felt that this was a better option. The train was difficult to figure out as well but it seems like people speak better English here than we gave them credit for and they got us on the right train.
I enjoyed it.
Much better than boats, they make me sick.
We got to Brugges and began another exhausting day of walking. We walked and walked.
It is a very quaint city. On the outskirts it is small quiet cobblestone streets, but as you get closer to the centre of the city it gets more busy. Since the 2009 film with Colin Firth entitled 'In Bruges' the city has become a tourist hub. It's crazy. There are bikes, cars, motorcycles, horse-drawn carriages and tourists all running, clopping, and driving around looking at Cathedrals trying not to kill each other. Very fun.
One particularly disturbing attraction is 'The Holy Blood Parish' which, as it's name implies, claims to have a vile of Christs blood. We walked into this creepy catholic hole of a church to find a massive line of people waiting to look at the holy blood. As they walked up they dropped two euros on the glass in front of a woman (priest? Do they have woman priests?) and then they took a long look, some even caressed the glass for good luck, at the corn syrup/red dye no.5/some sort of angel dust liquid which they were just so deceived into paying two euros for. I wouldn't do it. Instead I brazenly pulled out Tina's iPhone and snapped a picture as the lady security guard (are Catholics egalitarian big time?) started briskly walking towards me saying 'no photograffs!' I turned and ran. Ha. Take that fake catholic money making scheme! 
Few other highlights: 
1. Riding the boat around the canals (very Venice like it seemed, although we've never been!). The water stank like poo from time to time. But the scenery was beautiful.
2. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to walk 366 narrow stairs that spiral straight up. Thankfully the top did contain an incredible view of the city.
3. Tina: Da Vincis ice cream. Freshly made everyday. So good.
4. Josh: Belgian waffle pt. 2 with strawberrys and creme this time.
We also noticed some odd things. Firstly, there are no bathrooms anywhere. Secondly, there are vast amounts of old ladies with nothing to do but make lace and sell it to tourists. Thirdly, Belgians version of a cheap, quality fast food restaurant always involves fries and/or spaghetti. 

lunch: fresh made saussages, pesto and gouda cheese and freash made bread. 

josh's favourite store with over 400 different kinds of beer.