Lucas & Kaela Engagement Preview

I don't know what's in the air, but it's something magical! And all it took to find that magic was a little adventure through the forest. I'm grateful for couples who trust us and are willing to brave mud and logs and spiders to get to the perfect light. This preview started out with triple the amount of pictures but I exercised some restraint and decided to keep you on your toes. So excited for these two to marry next year. Until then, enjoy these photographs.

Joe & Tiff a preview - Vancouver wedding photographers

Rain in Vancouver is inevitable. We love it. We love clouds, rain, sun, wind. But more than any of those things, we love photographing great people who are in love. Todays weather called for nasty fall rain. And we made the executive decsion to do the shoot anyway and take a risk. These two were so amazing to work with. They trusted us completely and we're beyond grateful because the photograph's we got are quickly becoming some of my favourites. Ever. Words can't express how excited I am for their spring wedding. 

Dan + Danielle Engagement Preview - Vancouver wedding photographers

If I could set up tent cliff-side along the Vancouver coast, I would be a happy gal. But then again, I'm happy to settle for photographing a beautiful couple embracing along the rocks. Here's a look at our evening with these two, crashing waves and all. Stay tuned for their wedding in just a few weeks. 

If you're getting married in Vancouver, get in touch! We'd love to have you over to our studio for some coffee (or tea) to chat about your wedding. Getting married internationally? Good news, we love to travel!

Isaac + Brittney a preivew - Vancouver wedding photographers

Vancouver wedding photographers - Green Ginger

As you can tell from the photographs below, it was almost impossible to stop these two from smiling. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard during a shoot. Normally it's my job or more often, Josh's job, to make people laugh but with these two it was the other way around. I had to consciously think about holding the camera up to my eyes. Keep your eyes out for the full  post because I have so many more photographs to share with you all. I'm excited for their Roundhouse wedding this January.

If you're getting married in Vancouver, get in touch! We'd love to have you over to our studio for some coffee (or tea) to chat about your wedding. Getting married internationally? Good news, we love to travel!