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An overdue studio update!

Hey guys, sorry this blog has been somewhat non-existent these days! There is lots to post but the last couple months have been insane for Josh and I. To start we found an amazing new apartment and moved at the end of December which, lets be honest, is the worst time of year to move. It meant that pretty well all of December was filled with packing craziness. On top of all that (now here’s the bad news) we are also moving out of our beloved studio. Its been hard to figure out a way to write that without just bursting into a puddle of tears and I wanted to stay in denial as long as I could. But the building was purchased and once my lease expired the new owners increased my rent an astronomical amount. We talked about it a lot but at the end of the day, we just couldn’t justify paying almost double the rent for the exact same space. The good news is that I have a lovely office area in our new apartment and will still be booking photoshoots there as well!

So I wanted to ease any fears. We are alive and well. The business is doing better than ever and we are excited for the coming season. We just don’t have a studio anymore. As of February 1st we’ll be based out of the Mount Pleasant area and super close to lots of great coffee shops and hang out spots so meeting with YOU (our amazing clients) will not be difficult at all. Thanks for your continued support and patience with my lack of online presence. Many blog posts to come shortly.

Isaac + Brittney a preivew - Vancouver wedding photographers

Vancouver wedding photographers - Green Ginger

As you can tell from the photographs below, it was almost impossible to stop these two from smiling. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard during a shoot. Normally it's my job or more often, Josh's job, to make people laugh but with these two it was the other way around. I had to consciously think about holding the camera up to my eyes. Keep your eyes out for the full  post because I have so many more photographs to share with you all. I'm excited for their Roundhouse wedding this January.

If you're getting married in Vancouver, get in touch! We'd love to have you over to our studio for some coffee (or tea) to chat about your wedding. Getting married internationally? Good news, we love to travel!

Jon + Emily - A wedding day preview - Vancouver wedding photography

A wedding day could not be more perfect then this one. Stormy lakes with cloudy skies make a wedding photographer giddy. On top of beautiful weather, add in a stunning couple and bridal party, good friends, a canoe and I officially explode. I'm looking forward to sharing more images from this Whonnock Lake wedding. Congrats Jon and Emily!


If you're getting married in Vancouver, get in touch! We'd love to have you over to our studio for some coffee (or tea) to chat about your wedding. Getting married internationally? Good news, we love to travel!