vancouver child photography

caution: reading this post may cause an un-natural desire for adventure.

I don't get the chance to blog much these days, as my hot wife has been blogging like crazy of late. But this is a rare occasion where I went on adventure without Tins (thats what I call Kristina, pronounced TEENS,) took the photos, edited the photos (with a little help,) and blogged. BAM. THATS RIGHT KIDS. JOSH CAN DO IT TOO!  

No. Forget all that. 

In reality, my parents were away visiting my niece (and my brother and his wife) but mostly.. they just wanted to see their first grandkid. I took my brothers out on an adventure and we entered the woods like explorers. We walked for hours. It was an adventure that involved frogs, skulls, knocking over dead trees, sinking in mud, climbing hills, climbing trees, fighting, laughing, feeding horses (I wanted to leave that out… I dunno, it's kinda Black Beauty or War Horse… guys and horses is wrong unless your Clint Eastwood or the dude from True Grit), getting lost, putting moss balls on our heads, smashing stuff, picking fungi. 

Normal guy stuff. 

So heres a break from the flowers. From a man. 

But these little guys are cute. So this post is female approved as well.

baby brennan. a preview.

i couln't think of a more incedible job. today i got to sunngle and photograph an amazing little boy. here is a small peek of what we got. how absolutely precious is he?


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sweet baby avery - 7 days old

ivy + aria

This was one of the coolest ways I've ever spent my Saturday. No lie. 

Meet Ivy and Aria. Two of the tiniest bugs you have ever seen! Working with Green Ginger's tiniest models yet was such an amazing honor. 

Once we got that space heater going (thank you to the creator of the space heater!) the girls were pure gold. Tina and I were a little sweaty, but the girls were content. They loved to be cozy and wrapped up in a cream blanket I had brought along. They also loved to be squished in together. I guess they have spent most of the last few months of their tiny lives being scrunched up together, that it makes sense. Although Aria got a couple cheap shots in at Ivy, she didn't seem to minds long as she could feel her sister breathing. 

Looking at them, and photographing them, time stood still. Newborn shoots are always my favorites but these babies took things to a whole new level of magic. 

Double the trouble? Maybe. Double the absolute perfection? Yes.



first snow of the year

Green Ginger has a gift of picking the absolutely coldest days of the year to do photo shoots! We at Green Ginger, solemnly swear to always bend the law for the sake of art, and freeze your faces off. So, who's getting in line?

Our latest victims were an absolutely amazing family. Equipped with their snow boots and gloves, they joined us eager to quite literally freeze their faces off. And with the promise of Popsicles (yes, thats all that sweet baby girl wanted!) hanging overhead, we even snagged a few precious smiles. This amazing family sparkled in this snowy winter wonderland. When we finally went back inside their toasty living room (complete with a roaring fireplace to warm our toes!) we saw the real craziness of two absolutely stunning girls. The cuteness was almost too much to handle!

 We hope you enjoy this precious family we much as we did!

 Sweet Costa Family, we had so much fun on this shoot, and so many laughs. Looking forward to working with you again in the future! Maybe when it's a bit warmer outside....beach shoot anyone?

Love the Girls at Green Ginger