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Troy & Sarah - Downtown Vancouver Wedding

Darryl + Jennifer + Pork chop - Engagement preview

We think these photographs speak for themselves but for the sake of this qualifying as a real blog post here are just a few words..  We love taking photographs in our city with amazing couples who have insanely adorable pugs. This shoot just had the perfect recipe that produced some of my favourite photographs. Ever. I've already mentioned Porkchop, 'golden hour' lighting and a beautiful couple that no matter what crazy thing we told them to do were just so comfortable and natural with each other. It was a joy to spend the evening with you three and thanks for climbing into two separate but equally as questionable willow trees. I promise I won't make you do that in a wedding dress. We are so excited for your September wedding!

Dan + Danielle Engagement Preview - Vancouver wedding photographers

If I could set up tent cliff-side along the Vancouver coast, I would be a happy gal. But then again, I'm happy to settle for photographing a beautiful couple embracing along the rocks. Here's a look at our evening with these two, crashing waves and all. Stay tuned for their wedding in just a few weeks. 

If you're getting married in Vancouver, get in touch! We'd love to have you over to our studio for some coffee (or tea) to chat about your wedding. Getting married internationally? Good news, we love to travel!

What to wear - Vancouver wedding photographers

Green Ginger - Vancouver wedding photographers

So you’re getting your pictures taken. Cue panic attack. BUT WHAT SHOULD I WEAR! 

It is cheesy but true. If I’m getting ready on Tuesday morning, I have no problem getting dressed. If I’m meeting a friend for coffee, or going out for dinner, I don’t think twice. I love putting pieces together (especially if they are black) but as soon as you say "camera" I freeze. 

I pour over Pinterest and get myself worked up. I am worried that I’ll look like I’m trying too hard. I want to look put together but not too fussy. All I can think of is 'these pictures will be on the wall for the next two years', or 'this is my Christmas card picture that will be sent to everyone I know.' In this panic without fail almost every photoshoot I’ve been a part of I look back at and think… why was I wearing that? 

I know I’m not alone in this because I’ll fess up right here… I watch The Bachelor. Not like, I've seen The Bachelor. I watch The Bachelor pretty religiously (Go Kaitlyn!). But my guilty pleasures have brought about some good! I have a point! Every week I get to witness these beautiful girls go through the exact same panic I experience around photo shoots. All week they look cute, and natural and then the rose ceremony (cue daunting music) happens and everything falls apart. I watch the girls walk in and my face looks like that horrified emoji where the colour is draining out of his face, you know the one. They put on too much makeup, the frantically borrow a dress that is a bad colour for them from that super tanned girl in the house. They always over accessorize and they always, always, look horribly uncomfortable. 

I’ve learned a few things from many wasted hours I’ll never get back from the Bachelor, and also from my own failed photo shoots. So here is my simple, stressless, panic free advice for getting dressed and not regretting your pick for "big events" like rose ceremonies and photo shoots. 


You feel comfortable when you look like yourself, and you look beautiful when you feel comfortable. I’m not saying show up to your shoot in yoga pants and no makeup- because you might regret that. But if you’re a jeans and t-shirt girl wear jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe mix it up by trying a cute hat or heeled ankle boots. If you don’t normally curl your hair- don’t curl your hair, try a topknot or a ponytail. All you will think the whole time is, why is my hair curly, it’s in my face and sticking to my lipgloss (personal experience right there).

So I put some things together from my closet. Things that I would pull out and wear if I had a shoot coming up. I didn’t look at Pinterest, I just pulled my favourite things. Things that I love and that I think represent who I am. No last minute H&M runs, just me and my closet. If I can pick an outfit for dinner, I can pick an outfit for a photoshoot. That's my new rule.


Matt and Katrina - Vancouver wedding - Vancouver wedding photographers

Vancouver wedding photographers

This beautiful wedding was at the Heritage Hall on Main Street in Vancouver. Most brides want sunshine on their wedding day, but living in the Pacific Northwest sunshine is far from a guarantee. The age ol' saying, April showers bring May flowers. You may think that waking up on your wedding day to dumping rain, one might panic. But I've never seen a calmer bride than Katrina. A little rain wasn't going to stop her from enjoying every second of her wedding day. Sure enough, the day was absolutely amazing. I'll never forget Matt's huge grin as he saw his bride for the first time. And don't even get me started on the bridal party. The places we made them go, and the things we made them do, and the cold we made them stand in. They didn't complain once, instead they were excited to be there for their dear friends and would do pretty much anything for them. Josh and I were just returning from London and what a way to kick off the year. We'll never for get this day or the amazing people we got to know. 

Matt and Katrina, thanks for having us be a part of your incredible wedding day!

Also have to do a little shout out to OLFCO for the stunning flowers. Katrina's bouquet might just have been my favourite of the year.