ivy + aria

This was one of the coolest ways I've ever spent my Saturday. No lie. 

Meet Ivy and Aria. Two of the tiniest bugs you have ever seen! Working with Green Ginger's tiniest models yet was such an amazing honor. 

Once we got that space heater going (thank you to the creator of the space heater!) the girls were pure gold. Tina and I were a little sweaty, but the girls were content. They loved to be cozy and wrapped up in a cream blanket I had brought along. They also loved to be squished in together. I guess they have spent most of the last few months of their tiny lives being scrunched up together, that it makes sense. Although Aria got a couple cheap shots in at Ivy, she didn't seem to minds long as she could feel her sister breathing. 

Looking at them, and photographing them, time stood still. Newborn shoots are always my favorites but these babies took things to a whole new level of magic. 

Double the trouble? Maybe. Double the absolute perfection? Yes.