Today is a pretty special day, my love turns 26. 

I can't say enough how grateful I am for this man. He's my husband, my best friend, my business partner, my biggest fan. Not a day goes by where he doesn't make me laugh or tells me how much he loves me. He wakes me up evey morning (let me tell you.. this isn't an easy job either,) he makes me coffee (or tea) before I even ask, he works hard everyday to provide for our little family, he cooks, and he even cleans. No one can clean a kitchen better than this man right here. He's my favourite worship leader and amazing example of what it means to serve the Lord in humility and with all your heart. He pushes me to be a better photographer, a better woman, a better friend. He's so patient with me even when it appears to be 'that time of month' all month long. He's thoughtful and brings we candy and writes me notes just because. To sum things up. Sorry ladies, it appears that the THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD  was born twenty-six years ago today and he's picked me to be his wife.

I'm excited to see what's in store for you this year Joshy. I can't believe I get to be a part of it too. 

Happy Birthday lover.


(Also, please forgive my grammer and the lack of it. I'm foreign.)

a sczebel thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is typically that time of year when you wake up and find frost on your car. Its the time of year where you layer your clothes, see your breath, and start to cuddle up by the fire as though it was a blanket you thought you lost… or is that just me?

This year I was very inspired to make the Sczebel thanksgiving a very pretty thanksgiving. Full of flowers and other pretty things. What I didn't expect was that our thanksgiving day would be a balmy 23 deg. celcius outside. A spring inspired thanksgiving. Oh yes, you heard me right. We were so surprised by the amazing weather we decided to have our dinner bash outside. The possibilities were endless; with some help from one of my favourite local florists, Flowers and Company, I had a huge bucket of flowers to create with. 

I started with hanging eucalyptus leaves, smoke tree leaves (from the backyard) and pink snapdragons above the table. Some of the flowers went in little vases on the table and around the house. What I had left over I made a terrarium to sit in the middle of the table. The finishing touch, painted name settings with a sprig of rosemary. 

So there is our Thanksgiving. Now I'm ready for the Christmas season. Bring on White Christmas, and sparkly decorations.