A little bit of love for your technology.

At Green Ginger, we love photographs. We love taking them, looking at them, and even sharing them. So in the spirit of sharing and because we just like to be nice to our people (you), we designed this desktop wallpaper for your computer, iPad, and iPhones. Now you know what team we're on... Apple all the way.

Hope you like the wallpaper as much as we do.

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POPPY FIELDS IN BELGIUM - Belgium wedding photographers


Renting a car while we were in Europe was the worst / best decision we made. There may have been a handful, or so, near death experiences but we got to see things we never would have had a chance to if we were stuck in a train.

Today I couldn't help but remember the abundance of poppies we saw while driving through Belgium on our way to Luxembourg. There is something so peaceful about poppies. I don't know if its because it brings to mind the poem we would recite in shool every rememberance day - 'In flanders field the poppies blow, between the crosses, row by row.' Or maybe it's because I just have a thing for flower fields. What ever it was I miss it. 



Is anyone else re-decorating their house for the new year? I'll admit it, I get bored with my decorations frequesntly. Since buying new couches and re-painting every couple of months isn't an option, my go to is changing up my art on the walls. If you're still searching for some inexpensive but still beautiful quality art, we are selling some of our photographs over at Society6. You can purchase framed prints, regular prints, canvas prints, iphone cases and cards. You can check our little shop here.