We love Portland, everything about Portland. We love Portland so much we woke up at 3:00am, and subjected ourselves to drinking Tim Horton’s coffee because where else can you get coffee at 3:00am? We drove in the dark and made crazy amazing time and got to our favourite city in a mere 4 ½ hours. Without talking or communicating we drove into the city, parked, and stumbled into Stumptown. After the sweet aroma of that beautiful place sank into my brain it burned out the fog and made me forget the craziness we just committed. In that moment, it was all worth that silly cup of coffee. We managed to cram all our favourite things into 48 hours and I had more coffee than I care to admit. It’s times and memories like these that make me thankful that some of my favourite people happen to be my family and also my co-workers.

classic josh..

Stumptown: one of our favourite coffee shops

Our friends spoke highly about Thatchers Coffee located just outside of Portland and we finally went for ourselves and loved it! We recommend you check it out next time you're there.  

als has never seen the portland buck so we had to stop buy like the tourists we are. 





put a bird on it

we are out of the office this weekend. we are traveling to the land of portland. we will be attending a wedding so we won't be answering emails or phone calls. we'll get back to you as soon as were back.

these pictures are from the last time we went. 

(please note we do not condone eating and driving.. the car was stopped.. maybe.)

 ace hotel portland. we recommend it.