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Buying my first backdrop for the studio was quite the experience. I'm not even sure Christmas morning was this exciting... and let me tell you folks, I am quite serious about Christmas. It's the little things in life that makes a photographer happy. Especially one from Vancouver. The second I'm able to take beautiful images indoors life just gets that much better. 

Josh just assumed I would get white or black. Start with the basics and work your way from there. But I'm not usually one to do what's practical so leave it to me to get a bright pink backdrop. So if you've been following along on Instagram you've been seeing a lot of pink. No shame friends! Pink is in. At least in my world. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day than experimenting with lighting and photographing this mega babe Ashely. Trying to narrow down pictures from this mini shoot was impossible, there were just too many favourites. So if you love to have fun, call me up and let's pick a colour and take some pictures together. 


Favourite things - Walnut Animal Society


Every little boy and girl need a companion. Growing up my sibling was 10 years older and wanted nothing to do with his anoying little sister, so my companion was my stuffy. I'm much older now but I'm still a sucker for any cute stuffed animail. I have a reserve in my closet that I like to say is for 'baby shower presents' but who are we kidding it's for future Baby Sczebel whenever he or she comes. When I came across this whimsical childrens company Walnut Animal Society, I was in love.

What do you think?

1. Lovely Frock 
2. Ruthie the Deer
3. Chester the Raccoon
4. Fox Sweater 

a sczebel thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is typically that time of year when you wake up and find frost on your car. Its the time of year where you layer your clothes, see your breath, and start to cuddle up by the fire as though it was a blanket you thought you lost… or is that just me?

This year I was very inspired to make the Sczebel thanksgiving a very pretty thanksgiving. Full of flowers and other pretty things. What I didn't expect was that our thanksgiving day would be a balmy 23 deg. celcius outside. A spring inspired thanksgiving. Oh yes, you heard me right. We were so surprised by the amazing weather we decided to have our dinner bash outside. The possibilities were endless; with some help from one of my favourite local florists, Flowers and Company, I had a huge bucket of flowers to create with. 

I started with hanging eucalyptus leaves, smoke tree leaves (from the backyard) and pink snapdragons above the table. Some of the flowers went in little vases on the table and around the house. What I had left over I made a terrarium to sit in the middle of the table. The finishing touch, painted name settings with a sprig of rosemary. 

So there is our Thanksgiving. Now I'm ready for the Christmas season. Bring on White Christmas, and sparkly decorations.


Swallow your pride this fall

Let's be honest. Fall rolls around and you want a whole new wardrobe. Summer isn't really a exciting time to shop. Shorts are shorts and tank tops can only be so exciting. But just when you are beginning to feel the summer slump, cue fall. With its layers and rich colors, and heavy fabrics. My heart starts beating a little faster and I feel the urge to shop.

Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for a glorious Fall weekend away in Paris but I have stumbled upon some local, cute fall options. Everything on this board is under $50. Can't beat that!

I was sick of hearing all the hype about Oldnavy Rockstar colored jeans so I thought I would go see for myself if these jeans lived up to their praise. For 19 bucks (cheaper if you have a coupon... I had 30% off) and pretty much every color under the rainbow, polka dots, cord, neutral and classic jean, I was starting to think this was too good to be true.

So I tried them on, grabbed a 6... I'm pretty consistently a 6. Tried to get them on, tried being the main word here. After trying and failing to make the 8 work, I swallowed my pride, "Can I try a 10?" All the while muttering under my breath even if these damn pants it no way I'm buying them. Size 10. Fit like a charm.

Guess what I walked out with?




(to see where you could get these fabulous pieces click here)

and the winner is....