Lucas & Kaela Engagement Preview

I don't know what's in the air, but it's something magical! And all it took to find that magic was a little adventure through the forest. I'm grateful for couples who trust us and are willing to brave mud and logs and spiders to get to the perfect light. This preview started out with triple the amount of pictures but I exercised some restraint and decided to keep you on your toes. So excited for these two to marry next year. Until then, enjoy these photographs.

Gavin & Chrissy Wedding Preview

We turn into toddlers who've been let loose in a candy store when we get to take photographs during golden hour. Yesterday, by far, was the best lighting we've had all year for bride and groom portraits. Gavin and Chrissy couldn't have picked a better time of day to have their wedding over looking the ocean at the Stanley Park Tea House. And to sprinkle more amazingness on the day, Chrissy wore a stunner from Truvelle. So excited to share more photographs, but for now here is a little peek into this wonderful wedding. 

Brett + Jen - Engagement - Vancouver wedding photographers

Vancouver wedding photographers

I say this a lot, and I mean every word... the west coast is the best coast. We're seriously lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Vancouver has endless amount of beautiful parks and ocean-side retreats. We'll take any excuse to lace up our boots and go explore. Lighthouse park in West Vancouver is a relatively well known park but it was new to us. So braving wind and rain we were ready for an adventure. Brett and Jen and are getting married in a few short weeks at the Fraser River Lodge and so it's about time to revisit photographs from their engagement session.


Logan & Ashley - Vancouver Lifestyle Session - Vancouver wedding photographers

I can't think of a better way to spend a morning then ocean-side, taking pictures and climbing rocks with friends. We don't often do early morning photo shoots but since we typically try to schedule portrait shoots during the week it gets dark so fast in the winter that the good light is right in the middle of the work day. Enter early morning sessions. And this one couldn't have been more perfect. It had been raining all week and just hours before we started the skies cleared and the sun came out. And let me tell you, trying to climb wet rocks is no easy task. It's a miracle no bones were broken. These two were game for pretty much anything and I'm so grateful, these photographs ended up being some of my favourite of 2014. 

Listen up all you couples out there! Are you sick of the selfie profile pics or the super grainy and not-quite-in-foucus iPhone pics of you and your lover? Well I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be getting engaged or married to get a portrait session done! Get in touch and lets hang out and take some sweet pics together. 


Jacob + Jennifer Engagement - Vancouver wedding photographers - Preview

Vancouver wedding photographers

Another amazing couple, another amazing photo shoot. These two beautiful people decided to get married and I got to photograph and document their love. Despite how Jennifer and Jacob make it seem, it was one of the coldest days of the year. Cold equals one thing... more snuggling and lets me honest, who doesn't like a little more snuggling. With each location the light seemed to get better and better, more magical and more magical. To top it all off they re-created their engagement proposal. Hammock and all. Stay tuned to the full blog post to find out more details! For now, here is a little peek.