Third annual christmas extravaganza * UPDATE*


That's right friends, it's that time of year again! I may or may not have spent a good portion of my day yesterday watching 'White Christmas' and 'Holiday Inn' in preparation for this announcement. Too soon you say!?!? NO WAY!! My top three favourite Christmas movies are as follows:

White Christmas
Holiday Inn

In that order. And I pretty much watch them year round... Um... Now that you know a little bit more about me, and are probably questioning my sanity... let's get to the good stuff.

If you're new to this concept of the so called 'Christmas Extravaganza' it is our one day 50% off our regular price portrait session! Check out YEAR ONE (where we froze our naughty bits off for the sake of some pretty dope pictures) and YEAR TWO (where we learned from our mistakes and invaded the amazing and very cozy space over at Spruce Collective.) 

Good. Now that you've seen those, let's move onto YEAR THREE! We are so excited to be hosting our, just in time for christmas, portrait photo shoots in the Green Ginger home studio! Our toes will be warm and dry and our bellies will be full with yummy snacks. Not to mention the abundant streams of coffee and tea. And of course we haven't forgot about your wee ones, shows and toys galore! 

Onto the details! 

Everyones shoot will be personalized to your family, (this is no Sears photo shoot folks) we promise your pictures will be uniquely set up for YOU!  Backdrops and styling will once again be done by the incredible Aly Sczebel. 

 When:  November 16th *UPDATED*
 How long:  30 minute sessions
 How much:  $200
 What you get:  25 memories in high-resolution on disc
 When will I get my images:  Delivered within a week

If you're ready to book, fill out the form below! Simply request if you would like a morning, afternoon, or evening time slot and we will get back to you with availability!

To book your session we will be requiring an upfront $80 deposit to hold your spot and the remaining balance will be due day of the shoot. Visa, cash or cheque is accepted.

If you want to take it easy on the wallet we do also have payment plans available. Just make a note of that on the form below and we will get back to you with more info. 




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Second Annual Christmas Extravaganza



Hi Friends!

We are excited to finally announce the details of our Second Annual Christmas Extravaganza. There are lots of changes this year. We think for the better. As we have already announced, the shoot will be held on November 24th. We have time slots between 8am - 5pm.

One of the most exciting things this year is our location. It's inside! That's right folks, no frozen fingers or toes, no heat packs, no frozen noses, no soaking wet babies (well we can't guarantee anything with the diaper,) no grumpy cold children, no hypothermia, no pneumonia, no trench foot. We get to be in a beautiful, warm building with hot chocolate and cookies to munch on. We will be using the fabulous space at Spruce Collective located in Abbotsford, B.C! If you haven't heard of their store, you're missing out. It's beautiful. It's filled with tons of antiques and handmade goodies!

Everyones shoot will be personalized to your family with custom backdrops and props. This is no Sears photoshoot. We promise your pictures will be uniquely set up for your family.  

Another change is our price and the amount of pictures you will be receiving. Since last year was our first year, we were mostly flying by the seat of our pants and didn't know what to expect, so our prices we super low. A lot of work goes into planning your session and we don't want that to change! This year, you will be getting a completely custom 30 minute session, 15 memories in high-resolution on disc for $200. 

Something to note is once you are ready to book a time slot, email us at info[at] for availability. You can reserve that spot for 48 hours and payment will be due within those 48 hours. Once payment is made the spot is guaranteed to be yours! If payment isn't made unfortunately the spot will be forfeited. Let us know if there are any problems and we will work with you. We will accept cash or PayPal.


To summarize:

When: November 24th
Where: Spruce Collective
How much: $200
How long: Custom 30 minute session
What you get: 15 memories in high-resolution on disc

Email: info[at] to book your session!

You can see pictures from last year here.

a sczebel thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is typically that time of year when you wake up and find frost on your car. Its the time of year where you layer your clothes, see your breath, and start to cuddle up by the fire as though it was a blanket you thought you lost… or is that just me?

This year I was very inspired to make the Sczebel thanksgiving a very pretty thanksgiving. Full of flowers and other pretty things. What I didn't expect was that our thanksgiving day would be a balmy 23 deg. celcius outside. A spring inspired thanksgiving. Oh yes, you heard me right. We were so surprised by the amazing weather we decided to have our dinner bash outside. The possibilities were endless; with some help from one of my favourite local florists, Flowers and Company, I had a huge bucket of flowers to create with. 

I started with hanging eucalyptus leaves, smoke tree leaves (from the backyard) and pink snapdragons above the table. Some of the flowers went in little vases on the table and around the house. What I had left over I made a terrarium to sit in the middle of the table. The finishing touch, painted name settings with a sprig of rosemary. 

So there is our Thanksgiving. Now I'm ready for the Christmas season. Bring on White Christmas, and sparkly decorations.


don't forget! *CLOSED*

sorry all, my dates are really wonky on this. GIVEAWAY ENDS FEB 29. WINNER ANNOUNCED MARCH 2ND!

First Green Ginger Giveaway! -Important Update! *CLOSED*


UPDATE: Facebook is being a little difficult. We have a name we would like to call them but it's not very nice. I was always taught if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. To make sure we get your entry via Facebook, 'Share' our page like explained below but then also pop over to our Blog or Facebook wall and say 'Hi'! Just to make sure we're getting everyone! We certainly don't want to miss anyone! Thanks Everyone and... Good Luck!

Hey everbody! Here at Green Ginger we think we are way overdue for a Giveaway. So here are some details on how you can get in on this exciting chance...

We thought we would make it nice and easy on you...Here are three ways to put your name in for a entry:

1. Like our Facebook page here
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Last day to enter is February 29. Winner will be annouced on March 3nd.