Jon + Hannah Preview - London wedding photographers

London wedding photographers

Today we got to take some photos in this beautiful city that we've called home for the last two months. London is a photographers playground. There are very few places here that don't photograph well. It helps when you have a seriously cute couple to shoot. These guys definitely fit that description. Here's a preview a few photographs!





So as you just read, WE ARE GOING TO LONDON!!!

It's pretty dang exciting and we've been looking forward to announcing this for a while.

Josh is going to barber school. That's right. He wants to be a barber. He's been thinking and dreaming about it and now it's happening. He will be attending the London School of Barbering and is going to be a barbering master by the time his 9 weeks is over. 

We are super stoked. We'll be leaving at the end of December and be home by April, just in time for wedding season here in Vancouver! So listen up 2014 brides: We will still be accepting bookings for 2014 Vancouver weddings while we are in London! We just might be getting creative with meetings... Skype? FaceTime?

Another exciting thing is we'll be booking portrait sessions and weddings while we're living in London! Some of the countries we'll be shooting in include England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. We'll be releasing specific dates at a later time. If you're interested in more info or are ready to book a session email us at info[at]

For those from the Vancouver area, if you have friends or family overseas and share our work with them and they end up booking with us we'll give YOU a FREE MINI SESSION (1 hr session and 25 edited images!) 



Is anyone else re-decorating their house for the new year? I'll admit it, I get bored with my decorations frequesntly. Since buying new couches and re-painting every couple of months isn't an option, my go to is changing up my art on the walls. If you're still searching for some inexpensive but still beautiful quality art, we are selling some of our photographs over at Society6. You can purchase framed prints, regular prints, canvas prints, iphone cases and cards. You can check our little shop here.

green ginger in europe


That's right, Green Ginger will be in Europe from June 11th-29th!! If you're near France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany or Switzerland area, we are now booking sessions. Email info[at] for price lists and more info.