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So you’re getting your pictures taken. Cue panic attack. BUT WHAT SHOULD I WEAR! 

It is cheesy but true. If I’m getting ready on Tuesday morning, I have no problem getting dressed. If I’m meeting a friend for coffee, or going out for dinner, I don’t think twice. I love putting pieces together (especially if they are black) but as soon as you say "camera" I freeze. 

I pour over Pinterest and get myself worked up. I am worried that I’ll look like I’m trying too hard. I want to look put together but not too fussy. All I can think of is 'these pictures will be on the wall for the next two years', or 'this is my Christmas card picture that will be sent to everyone I know.' In this panic without fail almost every photoshoot I’ve been a part of I look back at and think… why was I wearing that? 

I know I’m not alone in this because I’ll fess up right here… I watch The Bachelor. Not like, I've seen The Bachelor. I watch The Bachelor pretty religiously (Go Kaitlyn!). But my guilty pleasures have brought about some good! I have a point! Every week I get to witness these beautiful girls go through the exact same panic I experience around photo shoots. All week they look cute, and natural and then the rose ceremony (cue daunting music) happens and everything falls apart. I watch the girls walk in and my face looks like that horrified emoji where the colour is draining out of his face, you know the one. They put on too much makeup, the frantically borrow a dress that is a bad colour for them from that super tanned girl in the house. They always over accessorize and they always, always, look horribly uncomfortable. 

I’ve learned a few things from many wasted hours I’ll never get back from the Bachelor, and also from my own failed photo shoots. So here is my simple, stressless, panic free advice for getting dressed and not regretting your pick for "big events" like rose ceremonies and photo shoots. 


You feel comfortable when you look like yourself, and you look beautiful when you feel comfortable. I’m not saying show up to your shoot in yoga pants and no makeup- because you might regret that. But if you’re a jeans and t-shirt girl wear jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe mix it up by trying a cute hat or heeled ankle boots. If you don’t normally curl your hair- don’t curl your hair, try a topknot or a ponytail. All you will think the whole time is, why is my hair curly, it’s in my face and sticking to my lipgloss (personal experience right there).

So I put some things together from my closet. Things that I would pull out and wear if I had a shoot coming up. I didn’t look at Pinterest, I just pulled my favourite things. Things that I love and that I think represent who I am. No last minute H&M runs, just me and my closet. If I can pick an outfit for dinner, I can pick an outfit for a photoshoot. That's my new rule.


Swallow your pride this fall

Let's be honest. Fall rolls around and you want a whole new wardrobe. Summer isn't really a exciting time to shop. Shorts are shorts and tank tops can only be so exciting. But just when you are beginning to feel the summer slump, cue fall. With its layers and rich colors, and heavy fabrics. My heart starts beating a little faster and I feel the urge to shop.

Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for a glorious Fall weekend away in Paris but I have stumbled upon some local, cute fall options. Everything on this board is under $50. Can't beat that!

I was sick of hearing all the hype about Oldnavy Rockstar colored jeans so I thought I would go see for myself if these jeans lived up to their praise. For 19 bucks (cheaper if you have a coupon... I had 30% off) and pretty much every color under the rainbow, polka dots, cord, neutral and classic jean, I was starting to think this was too good to be true.

So I tried them on, grabbed a 6... I'm pretty consistently a 6. Tried to get them on, tried being the main word here. After trying and failing to make the 8 work, I swallowed my pride, "Can I try a 10?" All the while muttering under my breath even if these damn pants it no way I'm buying them. Size 10. Fit like a charm.

Guess what I walked out with?




(to see where you could get these fabulous pieces click here)

What to wear - engagement + portrait sessions - Summer edition

My name is Als, sister to this crazy husband and wife photographing duo. I've had the privilege of walking along with Tina and Josh through getting where Green Ginger is today. It's been such a joy to see Josh and Tina really pursue and establish their vision for the company. Like a proud mama, I'm watching them leave the nest, and it really is beautiful. Before the tears start flowing I’ll make this short and sweet. Tina asked me to guest post while they are off gallivanting in Europe. Just a little filler post, they are going to get home and upload all their amazing photos from their trip and this post will slowly melt away from your memory, which is the way it should be. Something to wet the whistle of  the adoring Green Ginger fans.

Summer is coming, (for all Vancouver residents can I hear a “Finally!”) here are a couple tips for looking your best and standing out in your photos.

1.     Don’t be afraid of color. This time of year your backgrounds are typically going to want to compete for the camera’s attention. Wild flowers, ocean, lush green trees, they all scream, “Look at me!”. And although we would encourage you not to wear something that screams “Look at me!” (because you’ll typically regret it later.) don’t be afraid to stand out.

2.     Don’t try to match your background….or each other. If you’re doing an ocean shoot, we don’t recommend wearing blue. I know everything inside of your little Kaki’s and tri-colored polo loving stuff, can’t fathom why that’s a bad idea. I’ve seen it done, many times, two reasons why Green Ginger feels strongly about not “matching’ 1. You blend into your background and we can’t see you. 2. We want to see your individual personalities. You want to look back on your photos and think, “I remember when little Johnny wouldn’t take of that batman cape…. That was a special, smelly season.”

3.     Be comfortable! Summer is the time for picnics and pool parties. Don’t forget to bring your favorite summer activity to the shoot or be ready for a water fight, sidewalk chalk marathon or an impromptu tea party. Have fun.

Green Ginger still has dates available for July & August… book soon as spots are disappearing as fast as a bowl of Smarties at fat kids birthday! (Tina that reference was for you…. You know I love you like a fat kid loves Smarties.)


FAQ- what to wear - engagement + portrait session

Standing in front of your closet can be one of the most daunting things in the world. It doesn't matter if it's a tiny little apartment closet, a gigantic walk-in, a wardrobe, or a collection of plastic bins on the floor.
Clothes are daunting, period.

Especially if you realize that these clothes will be worn in pictures that will last a lifetime. Pictures your friends will see, your family will love, and every one of your Facebook friends will "like". With those thoughts racing through your head, picking an outfit can feel almost impossible.

But I'm going to let in on a few rules I live by. Things I've tried and found very true.

Here's the thing...BE YOURSELF. Don't over think it! Am I too dressy? Am I too casual? Am I too bold? Start the outfit with something you love. A necklace, a sweater, even gold moon boots, and go from there. Try to think simple, but not boring. Don't be afraid to rock those moon boots, or leopard loafers. If you love them, then you'll be comfortable in them. And when you're comfortable, you smile, and that's what we want to capture. If you're a girl, rock a flirty dress. If you're more of a Julia Roberts baggy-jean and plaid shirt girl, then do that. Do what makes you, you. There is nothing wrong with pulling a good "old faithful" piece out of the closet. Sometimes, that creates a little comfort bubble for you.
I saw bring on the bubble.

So rock that vintage necklace, sparkly rain boots, or those Toms you've worn holes in. Just be you, and bring your smile.




our most frequently asked question- family edition:


I put together a "but what do we wear" guideline to help when your staring into the family closet and drawing a blank.

Green Ginger's guidelines to the well dressed family:

1. Coordinate-don't match. You don't want to look like the braidy bunch. Ever read awkward family photos? We know from experience there is nothing worse then a family in all denim.

2. Pick a color pallet and have fun with texture and patterns. Get crazy! Mix sequins and stripes and plaid. If you're under the age of 10 you can pretty much get away with murder in the fashion world. Fun clothes and accessories add pops of interest to photos.

3. Let your kids get involved. If your three year old hates tights and you stick her in tights the whole family will suffer. Try out skinny jeans and leg warmers instead. A comfy kid equals a happy kid, and that equals a happy family. Green Ginger loves happy families.

4. Bring along Mr Cuddles or whatever that object of fun and comfort might be. We've seen it all from trucks, blankies, tiaras, rubber boots and even a stuffed hippo with missing eyes. If we can make "big eyes" work we can incorporate pretty much anything. Whatever floats your boat, it creates a story and it'll make for fun memories.

5. Dress warm in cold weather. In Vancouver we don't get too many snowy days but we do get lots of cold ones. Winter, outdoor, shoots can be tricky and here's what we've learned. Layer, layer, layer. You can't see the cute outfit if it's all under a big puffy jacket. In photos, kids get lost in winter jackets.  We want to see the tutu and the pearls. A happy medium is to layer! Undershirts, long sleeves, vests, sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats, leg warmers (for arms or legs) and boots.

Those are a few helpful tips we've come up with to help you have a smooth family portrait session this Christmas season. Looking forward to having, fashionable, warm, fun with you soon!