caution: reading this post may cause an un-natural desire for adventure.

I don't get the chance to blog much these days, as my hot wife has been blogging like crazy of late. But this is a rare occasion where I went on adventure without Tins (thats what I call Kristina, pronounced TEENS,) took the photos, edited the photos (with a little help,) and blogged. BAM. THATS RIGHT KIDS. JOSH CAN DO IT TOO!  

No. Forget all that. 

In reality, my parents were away visiting my niece (and my brother and his wife) but mostly.. they just wanted to see their first grandkid. I took my brothers out on an adventure and we entered the woods like explorers. We walked for hours. It was an adventure that involved frogs, skulls, knocking over dead trees, sinking in mud, climbing hills, climbing trees, fighting, laughing, feeding horses (I wanted to leave that out… I dunno, it's kinda Black Beauty or War Horse… guys and horses is wrong unless your Clint Eastwood or the dude from True Grit), getting lost, putting moss balls on our heads, smashing stuff, picking fungi. 

Normal guy stuff. 

So heres a break from the flowers. From a man. 

But these little guys are cute. So this post is female approved as well.