What to wear - engagement + portrait sessions - Summer edition

My name is Als, sister to this crazy husband and wife photographing duo. I've had the privilege of walking along with Tina and Josh through getting where Green Ginger is today. It's been such a joy to see Josh and Tina really pursue and establish their vision for the company. Like a proud mama, I'm watching them leave the nest, and it really is beautiful. Before the tears start flowing I’ll make this short and sweet. Tina asked me to guest post while they are off gallivanting in Europe. Just a little filler post, they are going to get home and upload all their amazing photos from their trip and this post will slowly melt away from your memory, which is the way it should be. Something to wet the whistle of  the adoring Green Ginger fans.

Summer is coming, (for all Vancouver residents can I hear a “Finally!”) here are a couple tips for looking your best and standing out in your photos.

1.     Don’t be afraid of color. This time of year your backgrounds are typically going to want to compete for the camera’s attention. Wild flowers, ocean, lush green trees, they all scream, “Look at me!”. And although we would encourage you not to wear something that screams “Look at me!” (because you’ll typically regret it later.) don’t be afraid to stand out.

2.     Don’t try to match your background….or each other. If you’re doing an ocean shoot, we don’t recommend wearing blue. I know everything inside of your little Kaki’s and tri-colored polo loving stuff, can’t fathom why that’s a bad idea. I’ve seen it done, many times, two reasons why Green Ginger feels strongly about not “matching’ 1. You blend into your background and we can’t see you. 2. We want to see your individual personalities. You want to look back on your photos and think, “I remember when little Johnny wouldn’t take of that batman cape…. That was a special, smelly season.”

3.     Be comfortable! Summer is the time for picnics and pool parties. Don’t forget to bring your favorite summer activity to the shoot or be ready for a water fight, sidewalk chalk marathon or an impromptu tea party. Have fun.

Green Ginger still has dates available for July & August… book soon as spots are disappearing as fast as a bowl of Smarties at fat kids birthday! (Tina that reference was for you…. You know I love you like a fat kid loves Smarties.)