First Green Ginger Giveaway! -Important Update! *CLOSED*


UPDATE: Facebook is being a little difficult. We have a name we would like to call them but it's not very nice. I was always taught if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. To make sure we get your entry via Facebook, 'Share' our page like explained below but then also pop over to our Blog or Facebook wall and say 'Hi'! Just to make sure we're getting everyone! We certainly don't want to miss anyone! Thanks Everyone and... Good Luck!

Hey everbody! Here at Green Ginger we think we are way overdue for a Giveaway. So here are some details on how you can get in on this exciting chance...

We thought we would make it nice and easy on you...Here are three ways to put your name in for a entry:

1. Like our Facebook page here
2. Share our Facebook page. When you do, make sure to tag Green Ginger Photography by adding @green ginger | photography. Then head over to our Facebook page say 'SHARE" so we know you did it. The more times you share the more entries to get. So don't be shy! 
3. Comment on our Blog! Every time you comment we'll add an entry!

Last day to enter is February 29. Winner will be annouced on March 3nd.