Second Annual Christmas Extravaganza



Hi Friends!

We are excited to finally announce the details of our Second Annual Christmas Extravaganza. There are lots of changes this year. We think for the better. As we have already announced, the shoot will be held on November 24th. We have time slots between 8am - 5pm.

One of the most exciting things this year is our location. It's inside! That's right folks, no frozen fingers or toes, no heat packs, no frozen noses, no soaking wet babies (well we can't guarantee anything with the diaper,) no grumpy cold children, no hypothermia, no pneumonia, no trench foot. We get to be in a beautiful, warm building with hot chocolate and cookies to munch on. We will be using the fabulous space at Spruce Collective located in Abbotsford, B.C! If you haven't heard of their store, you're missing out. It's beautiful. It's filled with tons of antiques and handmade goodies!

Everyones shoot will be personalized to your family with custom backdrops and props. This is no Sears photoshoot. We promise your pictures will be uniquely set up for your family.  

Another change is our price and the amount of pictures you will be receiving. Since last year was our first year, we were mostly flying by the seat of our pants and didn't know what to expect, so our prices we super low. A lot of work goes into planning your session and we don't want that to change! This year, you will be getting a completely custom 30 minute session, 15 memories in high-resolution on disc for $200. 

Something to note is once you are ready to book a time slot, email us at info[at] for availability. You can reserve that spot for 48 hours and payment will be due within those 48 hours. Once payment is made the spot is guaranteed to be yours! If payment isn't made unfortunately the spot will be forfeited. Let us know if there are any problems and we will work with you. We will accept cash or PayPal.


To summarize:

When: November 24th
Where: Spruce Collective
How much: $200
How long: Custom 30 minute session
What you get: 15 memories in high-resolution on disc

Email: info[at] to book your session!

You can see pictures from last year here.