Friday Fall Favourites

“As a reader I loathe introductions...Introductions inhibit pleasure, they kill the joy of anticipation, they frustrate curiosity.” Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)

Harper said it best, so as the writer in this case, I'll try to keep it short and sweet. We at Green Ginger wanted to share our favourite things with our favourite, faithful, supporters. Things we love, basically things that remind us of childhood, things that warm us from our toes to our souls. Thank heaven for Fall! Without further anticipation, our favourite things...


1. A wool coat: This 1960's Icelandic Wool Coat is a vintage from Allen Company. You can find their Etsy shop here.

2. Living in Vancouver, it's practically impossible to survive without an umbrella. Out with the black, in with the fun patterns. I tired to locate where this umbrella can be bought but sadly no luck. None the less, I love it. If anyone out there knows where I can get my hands on it, holler!

3. With those winter braids we have to make sure those ears are also dressed the part. These geometric beauties are from A Merry Mishap. You can buy them at her shop here.

4. A fall evening isn't the same without a comfy blanket to wrap your self in. This faux fur throw one is from Chapters, but you can buy it online here. Restoration Hardware also has an incredible version.

5. Cute ankle boots! These gems are from Urban Outfitters. With a variety of colours  and on sale, a must buy.

6. I've been drooling over this oversized bag for weeks. This handmade beauty is from an Etsy shop called Patkas

7. Cozy scarf. I love this one from Anthropologie. Pretty and Practical. Can't go wrong with that.

8. Lastly a good book. To Kill a Mockingbird in one of my favourite books of all time. Always a good read.