first snow of the year

Green Ginger has a gift of picking the absolutely coldest days of the year to do photo shoots! We at Green Ginger, solemnly swear to always bend the law for the sake of art, and freeze your faces off. So, who's getting in line?

Our latest victims were an absolutely amazing family. Equipped with their snow boots and gloves, they joined us eager to quite literally freeze their faces off. And with the promise of Popsicles (yes, thats all that sweet baby girl wanted!) hanging overhead, we even snagged a few precious smiles. This amazing family sparkled in this snowy winter wonderland. When we finally went back inside their toasty living room (complete with a roaring fireplace to warm our toes!) we saw the real craziness of two absolutely stunning girls. The cuteness was almost too much to handle!

 We hope you enjoy this precious family we much as we did!

 Sweet Costa Family, we had so much fun on this shoot, and so many laughs. Looking forward to working with you again in the future! Maybe when it's a bit warmer outside....beach shoot anyone?

Love the Girls at Green Ginger