FAQ- what to wear - engagement + portrait session

Standing in front of your closet can be one of the most daunting things in the world. It doesn't matter if it's a tiny little apartment closet, a gigantic walk-in, a wardrobe, or a collection of plastic bins on the floor.
Clothes are daunting, period.

Especially if you realize that these clothes will be worn in pictures that will last a lifetime. Pictures your friends will see, your family will love, and every one of your Facebook friends will "like". With those thoughts racing through your head, picking an outfit can feel almost impossible.

But I'm going to let in on a few rules I live by. Things I've tried and found very true.

Here's the thing...BE YOURSELF. Don't over think it! Am I too dressy? Am I too casual? Am I too bold? Start the outfit with something you love. A necklace, a sweater, even gold moon boots, and go from there. Try to think simple, but not boring. Don't be afraid to rock those moon boots, or leopard loafers. If you love them, then you'll be comfortable in them. And when you're comfortable, you smile, and that's what we want to capture. If you're a girl, rock a flirty dress. If you're more of a Julia Roberts baggy-jean and plaid shirt girl, then do that. Do what makes you, you. There is nothing wrong with pulling a good "old faithful" piece out of the closet. Sometimes, that creates a little comfort bubble for you.
I saw bring on the bubble.

So rock that vintage necklace, sparkly rain boots, or those Toms you've worn holes in. Just be you, and bring your smile.