The Fantastic Five

My favorite, five, little hippies. Tina and I have managed to earn "Aunty" status with these rascals, and they have successfully stolen our hearts.

These munchkins are Green Ginger veterans and are actually referred to around here as 'The Fantastic Five'. We say "Joey" he says "Cheese". I actually found myself telling 2 year old Bells, "Babe, blow bubbles slower for the camera." Crazy thing was... she knew what I was talking about. I may have got the "Aunty leave me alone eye roll" but my sweet girl blew those bubbles slower.

We got to the park, pirate hats, pearls, bow ties, bubbles and balloons in tow and took off our shoes right away. For the next hour and a half we had so much fun running wild that Tina had to remind me I was a photographer, and I should maybe take some pictures. I hope you love these little bundles of joy as much as we do.

Thanks Sophie, Thomas, Joey, Levi and Bells for the hippie adventurers. Love you guys!