Spencer & Carly

With Green Ginger we never quite know what you’re going to get (in a good way). We’ve been known to bend the law, hop a fence, borrow a wall, climb over a “do not enter” sign, all of course in the name of art. Maybe we suffer a little from the belief that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but it normally is.

For this shoot we paired up with the by far the sweetest, cutest, kindest, most talented, Spencer and Carly and set out to find some unexplored terrain. Spencer and Carly are human Yellow Pages for all things abandoned and exciting. They strike out on their own at least once a week with the sole purpose of discovering a new place to take pictures and have bragging rights to. (P.S be sure to check out Carly’s wonderful blog and Spencer's tattoo shop).

This was no exception. We stumbled upon an abandoned brick factory and walked around the incomplete fence into pure gold. I can only imagine how unbelievable it used to be back in its prime because even now, years later with everything half buried in brick dust it was still amazing. The eerie groaning of the old weathered leather belts, mixed with the creaking of the old staircases. Its always amazing to go into a place like that and completely get caught in time. You end up spending who knows how long in there and you leave looking back one last time over your shoulder and nothing has changed, and you find yourself wishing nothing ever does.

Thank you for the adventures Spence and Carly. You guys inspire us!