our most frequently asked question- family edition:


I put together a "but what do we wear" guideline to help when your staring into the family closet and drawing a blank.

Green Ginger's guidelines to the well dressed family:

1. Coordinate-don't match. You don't want to look like the braidy bunch. Ever read awkward family photos? We know from experience there is nothing worse then a family in all denim.

2. Pick a color pallet and have fun with texture and patterns. Get crazy! Mix sequins and stripes and plaid. If you're under the age of 10 you can pretty much get away with murder in the fashion world. Fun clothes and accessories add pops of interest to photos.

3. Let your kids get involved. If your three year old hates tights and you stick her in tights the whole family will suffer. Try out skinny jeans and leg warmers instead. A comfy kid equals a happy kid, and that equals a happy family. Green Ginger loves happy families.

4. Bring along Mr Cuddles or whatever that object of fun and comfort might be. We've seen it all from trucks, blankies, tiaras, rubber boots and even a stuffed hippo with missing eyes. If we can make "big eyes" work we can incorporate pretty much anything. Whatever floats your boat, it creates a story and it'll make for fun memories.

5. Dress warm in cold weather. In Vancouver we don't get too many snowy days but we do get lots of cold ones. Winter, outdoor, shoots can be tricky and here's what we've learned. Layer, layer, layer. You can't see the cute outfit if it's all under a big puffy jacket. In photos, kids get lost in winter jackets.  We want to see the tutu and the pearls. A happy medium is to layer! Undershirts, long sleeves, vests, sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats, leg warmers (for arms or legs) and boots.

Those are a few helpful tips we've come up with to help you have a smooth family portrait session this Christmas season. Looking forward to having, fashionable, warm, fun with you soon!