sean and amie got married.

Meet Sean and Amie Evans (don't they just sound cute?!) You might recognize them from their picnic, engagement shoot we did with them a couple months ago. They are our dear, dear, friends; the ones you call up at 9:00pm for a cup of tea or spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with watching the BBC. Amie is a amazing seamstress and all around crafty lady who puts Martha to shame on a regular basis. The woman has jars full buttons and drawers full of fabrics. She made all the bow ties in the wedding and did just about everything else. She made this DIY wedding look absolutely lovely.  I've never seen a bride so happy to be getting married. Day of she was cool as a cucumber and just kept smiling and saying, "I'm a bride! I'm getting married!"

Enter Sean: Equally as giddy at the end of the aisle waiting for his precious bride in her princess gown to make her way towards him. Sean is a young man trapped in a old British, BBC loving, body. Complete with a endless supply of dry, witty humor, Sean can make anyone bust a gut.

It was a absolute privilege to get to photograph this lovely couple on their special day. But it's even more of a privilege to get to live life with them.

Love you guys,

Green Ginger.