project of the day.

i'm a very detail oriented person. most of the time i just over think everything and then get mocked for it by my family but when it comes to things like this.. i think i've finally found a use for my craziness. 

so today i'm working on cd cases for our clients. when you receive a cd with all your pictures from the session we wanted you have something unique, something other that the typical plastic cd case. it seems like packaging and little details like that are so often overlooked but, to me at least, it really makes that extra difference. today i finally found a good use for my giant jar of buttons i've been dying to use. i got out all my fabric scraps and ribbon. now as i look, at what once was the dinner table, it's completely covered in thread and fabric and ribbon. it's wonderful. 

on a momentary break i snapped a couple of pictures and thought i would do a post.

so here it is. the first one ever made..