impromptu photoshoots

yesterday, while als and i were out on a scouting mission to check out a church for an upcoming wedding (!!) very much in our pre wedding-too many ideas-wired on coffee-really tired-and always looking for cool new locations to shoot mind set (a bit of a mouth full) and luckily this random field caught our eyes. like the true spontaneous photographers that we are, we grabbed out camera's and this photo shoot was born.

but the day was far from over. yes it was a lovely vancouver sunny day, however, i was still in california mode so i forgot that, unlike san diego, in vancouver even though it may be sunny it was march and freezing out. and of course it rained the day before. i was in flip flops a t-shirt and a precariously thin cardigan. to say the least i was not well prepared for mother nature and this damp and muddy field. our feet got soaked and i sat in the wet grass.. all for the sake of a photograph. we believe in commitment.

then later, als and i were on our way to a caregroup meet at our church, coffee's in hand.. well by my mistake in my lap.. als turned when i wasn't expecting and i had scolding coffee all in my lap. it was wonderful. luckily we were right by her house so a quick wardrobe change and we were good to go. and we weren't even late. so that's my funny story for today.

anyways. here are couple of the shots we got. 

seriously.. how gorgeous is als!?