pirates, queen's, cowboys and indian's

currently the weather outside is the complete opposite of what it was for this shoot. that's right, it's snowing. and i'm embarrassed to say this but i am snowed in. i am a pansy winter driver. i admit it. the truth is (a lot) vancouverites freak out when the see even a single snow flake. not what you would think "canadians" would be like. sorry to break it to you.. but it really doesn't snow very often here and even though we know the snow is coming it still manages to surprise even us. 

but today i have vowed to not let the day go to waste so i'm catching up on some editing and blogging. 

to start, i've been looking forward to sharing this shoot with you for a while. als and i had heaps of fun hanging out with these kids and it couldn't have turned out any more perfect. 


thanks for letting us tag along on all your amazing adventures.