scout | pet photography

So this is my puppy scout. My boyfriend and I rescued her when she was little. She has a genetic skin condition and when we first got her the poor thing was bald with bumps all over her and had a really high fever. Four months later, she has pretty much all over her fur back and she's as funny as ever. Enough of the sappy story.. here are some of the pictures I got of her.

So here is the thing.. I was always vowed that I would never humiliate my dog and put clothes on her.. but, yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Scout is indeed wearing a dog sweater. There is a perfect reasonable explanation.. Scout has to spend the next week or so out side and it's really cold outside. The poor dog has very short fur... she was cold. I had no choice! Really I didn't.

She looks so serious in this picture, but I like it.. I think it might be my favourite of the bunch.

Let me know your thoughts. Which one is your favourite?