walsh & woelders | vancouver family photography

These guys were so laid back and easy going they were so easy to photograph (not to mention they are probably the most photogenic bunch ever!) There were so many good pictures to choose from, hence the massive post, Aly and I have so much fun editing the images. So here is just a couple of the final pictures that we got..

They were such troopers! I made them climb and manoeuvre through branches, twigs and mucky forest. They happily humoured me and I'm so happy with the shots we got. Thanks guys!

How adorable is this little guy?

This is Amy, and I would just like to tell you that there was one picture of Amy where she had her eyes closed and, literally, the rest of her pictures she looked gorgeous. I didn't think that was even possible and I'll admit it, I was a bit jealous.

We're go grateful for the opportunity to shoot these amazing families. Thanks so much guys! Hope you like them.