This city was amazing. It brings to mind some of my abounding Russian vocabulary. Words like, 'very beautiful' and 'good'... Words like... ah... My Russian stinks. The first words really did come to mind, but then came the other words I know. I can't form sentences, just sing very nonsensical childrens songs about potatoes, daughters, dogs, lids, chickens, directions, and exclamations.

Enough of that.

Luxembourg was one of those clites that you instantly fall in love with but you don't know why. It's just a feeling that arises. It was just a very friendly place. And they called 'wi-fi' something that sounded like 'weeefee!' Who couldn't love somebody that said it like that?

I also think one of the reason we liked Luxembourg so much is that we stayed in a very nice (super-sweetly-nice) hotel. They waited on our every need, parked our car, brought us exotic fruits, meats, cheeses, you name it. We had a lovely view of the city from our hotel room.

And that is all we have pictures of!

So please enjoy our two pictures of Luxembourg. We came, ate, slept, watched Parks and Rec, and left. But if you have extra cash, go to Luxembourg. And ask if they have wi-fi.

It's fun.