Day Three and Four

Day three was somewhat of a write-off. I think it was the combination of our first day of travel which has us flying out at 3pm from Vancouver, then 9hrs in a plane to Paris where it was 11am, then driving 4 hrs to Brussels and dying on our bed.. yes.. we sleep in the same bed... we're not Ward and June Cleaver. On top of that, the first couple of days saw us touring Brussels on our anniversary and Brugges the next day where we walked everywhere (no metro.)

We were wiped, jet-legged, and feeling that if we didn't rest we would miss things and get sick. So we went to bed after Brugge and didn't get up til 11:30am the next day... sorry.. we don't have kids, and we're both good sleepers, so that's how we roll sometimes. After that it was pretty much go get coffee, lunch, dinner and go back to bed so we could go to.....

 (below) the trappist beer's josh has tried so far. 4/7

(below) real orange juice. not the fake processed with tons to chemicals kind we have.


The city of canals, beautiful old houses, Mary-Jane, and smooty streets. We had to drive there because the train was way too much money from Brussels, but after our day of rest we were feeling brave. I was dreading it slightly, because our experiences thus far with driving had been frightening at best. But we really wanted to go so we strapped ourselves in and got ready for the 2hr drive to the Red Light city. The drive was easy. But my skills at finding an address, and it being the right address, are lacking. As per usual, I failed and brought us to this lame little park and ride (not to the one we were looking for.) Thankfully, as the case everywhere else in Europe, the locals saved our rear and got us to the right Park and Ride. After that it was smooth sailing.

We took the tram from the Olympic Stadium into Amsterdam. At first it was looking like a lame day weather wise, but it began to get better throughout the day. 

For me (Josh) the Heineken Experience brewery tour was a highlight (although Pils are generally not the kind of beer I want to drink, because I wanted to learn more about the brewing process, I stooped!) We took another canal tour (like Brugge only better and longer) that got super rainy halfway through.. we were un-detered, and proceeded to have some marital make-outs in the back of the boat. 

In my opinion, the highlight of the day was when we saw Tim Thornton (european model 2.0) I had the iPhone out to take a picture of the beautiful canals, and just as I clicked to take the photo, I heard Tina cry out 'Tim Thronton!!' At this moment, I'm double bummed, my picture of the canal failed cos some stupid biker got in my way (they are everywhere in the dam,) and I didn't see the Tim Thornton look-a-like. As I swipped the phone to delete my ultra-lame picture I stopped in amazement. Not only had I captured Amsterdumps ghetto beauty, I had also captured Tim Thornton staring at me like the Sasquatch in those sighting videos. You can see the picture here. It was good. Other than that? We walked a lot. Got lost a lot. Looked away from nude photos a lot. And tried to capture a few images to sum the place up. Hope you like them.

(below) Anne Frank's house

(below) the thinnest house in the world. just over a meter wide.

(below) homemade holland cheese. sold out of a house cellar. yum.