day five

Day five is the day we left Belgium. There was a waffle-shaped piece of our hearts that was excited (Belgium had its challenges), but we were saddened that we were leaving our first place of lodging in Europe. Brussels shocked us a bit, one street would be quaint and quiet and the next a total dump. We didn't expect the gruff, Seattle/Portland grunge vibe. If Brussels were a band....? Try a little Japandroids, add in some Rod Stewart, a little Nirvana, maybe even something as nauseating as ... can I even write this.... Nickelback. But it also had a little New Order, a little Miles, a little Madonna. So it was interesting (non-musicals, I'll win you back, hang in there!). The great things about Brussels:

1. Waffles. The Belgians nailed this. It's like the Lord himself wrote them a recipe.  An authentic Belgian Waffle consists of a little powdered sugar on top of a slightly crisp amazing waffle. In my opinion, be a tourist and load the bugger up with whatever extras they will give you. It just enhances everything.

2. Beer. Not the light lagers and pilsners (although they do those well too), they've nearly perfected the stronger Ale's. They have some amazing ones. All my favourites were brewed by Trappist Monks (look that up! It's rad). 

3. Architecture. The buildings in Brussels were sick (in a good way.) Old. Leaning. Dirty. But sick! It seemed like they had buildings from the last 400 years, with all their varying styles, all stuck together in out-of-plumb rows. Plus, what other country would have a statue of a little boy taking a piss in its Capital city? I salute you Belgium! I salute you Europe!

4. The countryside. Beautiful. A little bit like the farm country of Langley and Abbotsford magnified 100x (minus the poo smell). Wheat and barley fields were my fav. 

The bad things:

1. Fries. You'd think the creators of the "French Fry" would make the best ones. Definitely not. They fry them twice in animal fat and then load mayo on top. The animal fat gives the fries a nasty old meat taste. Like when your meats been sweating on the plate beside the grill to long. Gross. 

2. Drivers. Belgians top my list for worst driving people group in the world. Don't need to elaborate on the rest of the list other than to say... I live in Abbotsford. 

3. No public bathrooms. Anywhere. And when you find them, they make you pay. Which is a decent idea, but what about when your gonna explode and there is no 'money in your pocket, diamonds in the drawer'. Like the old Greg Sczebel song? Haha. Greg. We love you.  

Enough said. Belgium was fun. Here are a few pictures of our drive from Belgium to Luxembourg. We stopped at a restaurant and gift shop that had tons of products from one of new monk-brewed favorite beers called Chimay. Enjoy.


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