It's peony season


I've been counting down to June 1st for months now. Why you ask? Not only will it be the three year mark from when I married my best friend, the most amazing man I've ever met. But it also happens to be Peony season. Best. Combo. Eva.  

I love our little home and it's at it's prettiest in the Spring. Our walls are white, our furniture is grey, and our decorations are simple, so when spring comes around our house begins to bloom. The white walls become a canvas for fresh flowers and plants. The flowers become decorations and companions. They brighten up our little house and give us the feeling that perhaps we actually aren't living half under the ground.

As I eluded to earlier my favourite flowers are peonies, and this time of year, my favourite little flower farm is almost ready for Peony season. Last week my man surprised me with a few picks of some of the early blossoms. U-pick doesn't open until June, and it's safe to say that I'll be there opening day. Any one else want to join me?