baby micah // three weeks

This is a Green Ginger family. We've had the joy and privilege to document pretty much all the momentous occasions in this amazing family years together. Micah was no exception. In fact, she's the perfect little gem for this precious little family. Micah's everything to Mike and Jordan, I know all parents think they're baby is the cutest, or the most perfect. But watching Mike and Jordan with their baby girl it was hard not to get misty-eyed. Shoots with these two never disappoint and Micah added to the equation only made it that much better.

Mike and Jordan, it breaks our hearts we won't get to see little Micah grow up but we are so excited to Facebook stalk you from Vancouver and please know that we're more than happy to fly to the Yukon to come do a shoot. Micah's one year? Baby #2? Love you guys!