Alice in Wonderland

 We haven't been that cold in a long time… Saturday morning, car exploding with props. This is a shoot we've been thinking about for a long time. Josh and Tamara showed up, car also overflowing with armchairs and tea cups. For me, this shoot has been weeks of thrift store hunting, and idea scavenging. It's been a privilege to get to work along side with Tamara and make this dream of a Alice in Wonderland themed Shoot come true. This is the magic of a collaboration. Josh and Tamara were up for all kinds of adventure and they rolled with our Urban Spin on a classic tale, they put the 'Wonder' in Wonderland.

 "There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am."

 Josh and Tamara, thanks for Inspiring us! Can't wait till August.