we're still alive, i promise.

So first of all I believe an apology is to be said. so.. I am sorry. this blog of ours has been neglected for quite some time.  

Between the craziness of work and planning my wedding als and i, sadly, have pushed this little space of ours to the bottom of what seemed to be an endless to-do list. the wedding was everything we imagined and more and don't you worry there will be pictures up and everything. now that i've finally started to settle into married life (which is wonderful by the way) we're jumping back into the world of green ginger.  

so good news! we're back! and we're back with vengeance! we've got lots of really exciting changes in store that are going to be coming into effect over the next couple of months so make sure you stay tuned. 

and no post is complete without pictures so... 


als with bella.. we couldn't resist that face for long. we needed some good cuddle time!