joe + becky | vancouver engagement photography

so here they are. it was an amazing place with an amazing couple. i met becky a while back at work, and she was the girl that always wore the lacy stuff and giant anchors for necklaces. not a lot has changed since then other than the fact that we're about to become sister's-in-law. i'm sure that one of the first things i said to her was... "so my boyfriend has a brother.." so just to throw it out there, i knew from the beginning that these two would be perfect for each other. and joe owes me. big time, but i'm sure to remind him that every once in a while.

so then they met. and joe denied his love for becky for quite a while, just because josh and i encouraged it. he could only deny for so long. and now they're engaged and getting married. and we're all excited. 

we had fun photographing these two. they're so gorgeous and photogenic and the lighting was incredible that it really wasn't hard. so here it is.